Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


If you do not fully consent to it, don’t use this website.

The service provided by this website are reserved for people aged over the age of 18 years old, or minors over the age of 14 years that have parental consent to use them.

General terms

La Donna imobile provides users a range of services for free:

  • adding real estate ads;
  • information of general interest, latest news, etc.

We reserve the right to change this termes without notice and without explanation.

We reserve the right to remove ads that do not comply, without notice and without explanation. We assume no responsibility for the content and reliability of announcements.

For information from the database to be as true and correct, please fill out the forms very carefully.

Please respect these minimum requirements for proper development of services:

  • Do not use capital letters when filling ads;
  • Do not use HTML tags in ads fields or references to third party sites;
  • No ads allowed illegal content;
  • Do not use coarse language, obscene words or phrases that might annoy website visitors;
  • It is strictly forbidden posting notices that refer to dangerous or illegal activities (eg, ownership of weapons), insulting or discriminatory conduct, propaganda, incitement to violence or racial hatred, child exploitation, obscene or immoral, etc.;
  • It is strictly forbidden posting notices that refer to the sale, purchase or possession of objects that conflict with the law (illegal);
  • Do not add more consecutive ads with the same content or meaning;
  • Do not add more ads in the same field;
  • Do not add entries advertisements unrelated to your ad content;
  • Fit properly announcement area (neighborhood) right or if you do not on the list available when using the option “Add another district ” and manually fill in the name;
  • Number of rooms is important, fill in it properly;
  • Inadequate filling of these fields can exclude your ad from specific searches;
  • Do not add in the text of the announcement phone numbers or e-mail. For these special fields are defined, visible and easily accessible;
  • Not abused in any way for these free services;
  • Ads that contain references to other sites or mailing lists will be amended so as deleting such information as author or if it persists messages to publish such information will be removed;
  • Warning! People who give false ads can be found after the IP address and other information that will be recorded in the database along with account creation, posting notices and / or accessing services.
  • Repeatedly violating regulations governing use of the site may lead to restricting access, to restrictions on the ads or restrictions on services.

By posting an ad that ends with a real estate transaction you agree with making a payment to SC La Donna Imobile Ltd. as listed in {fees and prices}.

SC La Donna Imobile Ltd. exclude any warranty as:

  • Service will be uninterrupted or without errors;
  • Validation of ads, posted for free by customers, is continuous and is performed daily;

Under no circumstances, SC La Donna Imobile Ltd. can not be responsible for losses, direct or indirect nature, results, or related in any way, by using the services or to the performance of Internet connection.

SC La Donna Imobile Ltd. make all possible technical approaches to maintain information security, operation services to the highest standards and prompt customer service.

However, given the technical nature of Internet connections, large diversity of types of links, subscriptions, providers, equipment used to access the site from La Donna Imobile, we can not guarantee that information the user when using the available services will be secure at all times.

Improper Use and Responsibility

The user agrees to use the services only for lawful purposes and in accordance with the purpose for which they were created.

The user is obliged to:

  • not modify, copy, transmit, publish, reproduce, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information or services obtained from or through this website;
  • not engage in (or allow) the activity of cracking or hacking. Users who violate system security may incur civil and criminal penalty.
  • will not post in a malicious (intentional) libelous or scurrilous ads with for prank to cause damage or prejudice to image other customers / users of these services. Users who do not meet these conditions may be prosecuted and sued to trial, based on IPs and / or identification data entered from post.

The user agrees to indemnify and not to act SC La Donna Imobile Ltd. in court, on any pretense of a third party resulting from the use of real estate services of SC La Donna Imobile Ltd. by the Customer and of any loss (direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise), costs, actions, suits, claims, damages, expenses (including trial expenses) or liabilities, whatsoever suffered or caused directly as a result of breaching or ignoring client of these terms and conditions.

Changes to these terms and conditions

SC La Donna Imobile Ltd. may change these terms and conditions from time to time without notifying users personally. Such changes will be made available to users by posting them on the website section “{Terms and conditions}”. Changes are deemed accepted by the user if he continues to use this website after posting the changes on the site.

Force Majeure

SC La Donna Imobile Ltd. takes no responsibility for failure to comply with its obligations under these terms and conditions as a result of any cause beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to fortuitous events , inclement weather, act or omission of government or other competent authorities of the company is not responsible.

The user agrees to accept this regulation.

User agrees that he/she read and accepted these terms and conditions. Using customer services is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.

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